Baby Care

SPA Original+ Ocean Crystal

SP013-1 ( 250g ) / SP014-1 ( 1kg )

Dead Sea salt nourishes the skin with essential minerals that are necessary for retention of moisture and healthy cell rejuvenation. High magnesium and bromide contents treat skin allergies and rashes and can effectively relieve unpleasant skin disorders without any side effects. Other benefits include easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves in hot salt bath.

SP018-1 ( 250ml ) / SP018-4 ( 350ml ) / SP018-3 ( 800ml )

The improved formula mineral enriched bath gel is mild enough to cleanse sensitive baby skin without drying. The rich Dead Sea minerals content are anti-allergic and calming. It helps pampering and softening the delicate skin leaving comforting aroma.


SP033 ( 250ml ) / SP033-1 ( 800ml )

This all-natural soap contains unusually high concentration of natural black mud mined from the dead sea, offering exceptional skin healing properties. Only the nest natural organic materials have been added. It is mild yet powerful cleanser suitable for daily use.

Baby Bubble Bath

SP036 ( 350ml )

This extra gentle natural body wash is perfect for everyday use, with high mineral content protecting the skin against dryness. With a PH value close to that of baby skin, it is smoothing, calming, and most importantly, enhancing skin self-defense against external harm.

SP035-1 ( 350ml )

This pure natural shampoo generates low, yet soft and exquisite foam to reduce irritation to babies’ sensitive scalp and skin. It is not only gentle to the eyes, but also cleanses smoothly and rinses easily. The particularly high percentage of Dead Sea minerals pamper baby’s hair, leaving it clean, soft, and glowing with renewed vitality and health.

SP004-1 ( 350ml )

This mild conditioner is made from naturally derived ingredients, with minerals-rich dead sea salt being the major component. It unlocks knots, detangles and conditions babies and toddlers’hair, leaving them soft and healthy.

SP034-1 ( 350ml )

Minerals Pet Pet lotion is dedicated to hypersensitive delicate areas, relieving skin irritations and discomfort. Its highly absorbent nature is perfect for daily use, forming protective layer. High moisture content revitalizes dry skin caused by the seasonal changes, leaving the baby skin soft and tender.

SP027-2 ( 100ml ) / SP027-3 ( 250ml )

Regularly use for an invigorating experience that naturally soothes and smoothed the coat and skin giving it volume and shine.

SPA Original+ Oilybaby

Simply Baby Oil

OB007 ( 50ml )

Peaceful Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

OB001 ( 38ml )

Relaxing Frankincense Essential Oil

OB002 ( 38ml )

Energetic Neroli Essential Oil

OB003 ( 38ml )

Sleepy Cypress Essential Oil

OB004 ( 38ml )

Cheerful Camomile Essential Oil

OB005 ( 38ml )

Healthy Tea Tree Essential Oil

OB006 ( 38ml )