Original products from Israel. With the transitional craftsmanship and formula. Reserved high percentage of Dead Sea minerals, which has unique smoothing effect on sensitive skins like dry, itchy, red and swollen.


Combining dead sea minerals with new low- temperature processed formula. It retain the most nutrients and minimize allergic effect. This products will not test on animal.


One of the top branding in developing skin care products in Israel. We have the sole agency for Liquid Gold and Greens series products.Natural ingredients are suitable for pregnant women to accelerate deep skin regeneration and achieve natural beauty.


Provide all-round products with pure natural raw materials and formula passed down from generation to generation. Packed with recycled materials, choose environmentally friendly ingredients. Body Form has strictly follow the high standards of global beauty industry.

UK and Europe

Strictly follow the high standards for sustainable development of the environment, only use FSC® certified wooden products from sustainable renewable resources, hand-process pure natural sponges in the old traditional way to provide high-quality natural care.


For 80 years, Loofah Queen​ have insisted on the use of Egyptian natural plants to make unbleached cotton environmental cleansing products. With ergonomic designs, can effectively remove keratin, necrotic cells that clog skin pores, improve blood circulation and cellulite situation.


Handmade, top quality, cold-pressed, virgin olive soap from Turkey, adheres to the continuation of the ancient practice. Does not contain preservatives or artificial flavors. Made with Ottoman’s ancient secret recipe, experience the soap aesthetics of a delicate classical Turkish bathhouse.

Wing On Centre, Sheung Wan

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